We created a checkout experience that is custom designed and built to make buying your computer hardware parts as effortless as possible. Our custom check-out experience allows you to integrate your computer hardware needs seamlessly into your business.

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Custom Checkout

We built our checkout process from the ground up to specifically address pain points we know exist in the world of e-commerce. RocketXpress™ checkout is fast and effortless, so you can spend your time on more important items on your to-do list.

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Saved Addresses

Not only can you save an unlimited number of addresses to your account, but you can also set specific ones as defaults for billing, shipping, and blind shipping. All addresses are verified by SmartyStreets before they are added to the account.

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Secure Saved Payments

Saved credit cards are stored to your specific user account only, even if there are many other users that share your same company account. Your saved cards are only available to you, bringing you a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

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Share Tracking Information

No need to wait for a tracking email to forward to another person, just specify the various email address(es) during the checkout process. They will get a copy of the tracking information and “how-to” installation video links for that order, without including any of the other order details (cost, invoicing, etc).

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Purchase Order Payments

If you have established a corporate account with us and have NET terms, you can simply checkout with a purchase order that will immediately go against the credit limit of your account (which is always displayed in your account dashboard).