Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section is divided into three segments. First we answer questions regarding parts distribution thru The Rocket Platform. Next we answer questions regarding our hybridized support offering known as RocketPlus™ and finally we answer questions regarding traditional maintenance agreements offered by Top Ten USA, the engine that drives The Rocket Platform.

Rocket Platform

What is the Rocket Platform and what can it do?


What is RocketPlus™ and what can it do for me?

Traditional Hardware Maintenance

What are my options for traditional maintenance?

It can be a challenge to leave an OEM in regards to service on hardware due to the importance the hardware has in your business. We understand that which is why we go to such length to explain our services and what those services mean to your company. Top Ten USA works with each of our clients as a true partner in their hardware solutions. Your success is our success and keeping you up and running is our standing edict.

The Rocket Platform is the Revolution of Parts Distribution. As a hands on service provider for over a decade, we have been buying, selling and installing parts all over the world. This experience has allowed us to see the best and worst of what the industry has to offer. We knew there was a better way, a better way to ensure technical confidence as well as improve the customer experience. The result is the Rocket Platform. Please browse our site, get a feel for how we work with our clients and try us out on your next parts purchase. We know you will be amazed at what you see.

Absolutely not. We do need you to register for a free account with us. The law does have certain requirements. We do not charge any fees to access our services. We know when you see what we offer our clients, you will expect it to have hidden costs or fees but it doesn’t. We simply offer the best parts buying experience on the planet.

We get this question a lot. There are a number of services that set the Rocket Platform apart from other parts sites. A few of the most notable differences are:

Our warranty period; we warranty our parts for 1 year, yes you read that correctly, 1 entire year.

Another difference is that we have actual onsite technicians who can help you with the problem(s) for which you are buying the parts. Most if not all online parts distributors are just that, parts. We offer not only the highest quality parts but we also have technical expertise in house that can assist you in your time of need.

We also give you access to all the test results for the parts you buy with the touch of a button. We have incorporated QR Code technology (a small sticker on the outside of your part and its packaging), which allows you to scan it and have access to all that parts test results. These show you that your part is fully healthy and ready to be installed in your environment.

We include a 1 year warranty on all of our parts. We also include QR Code technology allowing you to scan and see all the test results from your exact part. We know that being able to see the testing done and the results is something that is unheard of in IT parts distribution but we feel it is the very best way to give you confidence in us as suppliers as well as the parts you are buying from us. We are so confident in our quality standards that we offer the 1 year warranty behind the parts which is also well beyond the standard periods in our industry.

This is perhaps the most important question we get. The true measure of a parts distributor is do you get quality parts that work in your environment in a timely manner. The way we verify that our parts are ready to go and will work in your environment is through rigorous testing standards. We test all of our parts in environment and we also make all those test results available to you via QR Code technology, which you can see described in depth in our video. We also have superior shipping standards so we can show we are doing all we can to ensure your parts are received safely and securely.

After 10+ years in the hardware maintenance industry, we have seen, diagnosed and repaired thousands of customer systems. We have identified several significant issues in the industry. The most glaring include the lack of technical information available, low quality vendors, and questionable sales tactics like bait and switch. With the inception of The Rocket Platform we set out to address these very pitfalls. We do that by ensuring every item for sale on our website has at least one associated “how to” video and has been QR coded so the customer can see the testing results for the exact part they are purchasing. This highlights the extensive testing levels that we implement before we deem a product certified for use in our customer’s environment. In a nut shell, we care. More than you are used to a vendor caring. We hope that shows with the quality of parts and the level of service we offer our customers on every transaction.

We have implemented QR code technology. We affix a small QR code label on each part and a larger copy of the QR code label on its packaging. Scanning the QR code allows you to view the test results for that exact part. As we utilize testing practices beyond industry standard, it is a value add to our customers to see the work performed at our facility. Simply download a free QR code reader App on your smart device, scan either of the two QR codes and you will be brought to an FTP server that holds the test results for that part. Absolutely all of our equipment is documented with no exceptions. Smaller components will have their QR code label affixed to packaging only based on component size. Please let us know what you think of this revolutionary process. We are very proud of it and hope it inspires confidence in the quality and care put into the hardware you purchase from us.

The warranty period for all parts and whole machines bought on website is 12 months from date of purchase. This is a parts replacement warranty.

Short Answer; crazy complicated ERP system.

Long Answer; during the planning of The Rocket Platform we quickly realized a powerful inventory management system with a ton of horsepower was required to support our real-time inventory goals. We then implemented a fully customized ERP system directly to meet those goals and make them a reality. Having promised that all equipment sold on the platform will be extensively tested and QR coded by us in house, we have forfeited the ability to “drop ship“ equipment (buy from other vendor and ship directly to you). This is how we maintain our high quality levels and ensure every piece of hardware is available and ready to ship at all times. This keeps us directly accountable for every piece of equipment that we stock.

Yes, our system allows our customers to store and use their own or their customers UPS or FedEx account numbers. There are some mandatory fields that have to be filled in when you add account numbers. The great news is that when you add account numbers they are securely stored on the website for your future use. Please keep in mind that if you do use your own UPS or FedEx account number we will not add any additional shipping or handling fees.

• The establishment of NET terms for payment, at our discretion
• The ability to purchase parts and tech time with a PO number, rather than a credit card, during checkout on the website, using the established NET terms.
• Corporate reporting from our ERP system that will send a single email with a spreadsheet showing all purchased parts per given time period (if desired), in addition to a separate email for every parts transaction.
• Purchased parts are sold "tax-free" as long as the corresponding resale certificate has been submitted and verified

Simply click on the corporate request link at the top of any page. Fill out and submit the brief application. Applicants will be screened by Top Ten USA and notified via email of their results.

Once we have set you up as a corporate customer you will be assigned a credit limit that is visible to all users within your organization. Initially we will grant admin access to the person that sets up the corporate status with us. That person is then deemed the “Admin “and is able to add or remove users within your organization. All current users within your organization will have the ability to complete the order process by simply applying a PO number to the order and we will invoice according to approved terms.

Our “how to“ videos are accessible in 4 ways:
1). Every product has at least one “how to“ video. Some parts are used in multiple applications so they may have more than one video based on application. Each product’s page contains its associated video(s) embedded at the bottom of the page.
2). When you receive your order confirmation email all of the applicable video(s) have their YouTube links included in that email.
3).Via our YouTube channel. Please subscribe using the link below.
4). During the checkout process there is a “Share Expert Installation Video(s)” box which allows you to share the videos related to your purchase with the recipient of your choice. Populating this field will trigger an email to be sent with the video link(s) and the tracking information for that order to your chosen recipient.

We would be happy to help you, please reach out to us directly using the “maintenance inquiry“ link located at the top of each page. We will promptly contact you regarding your quotation for traditional maintenance services through Top Ten USA, the engine that runs Please keep in mind that our contractual maintenance customers receive the same high quality, tested, QR coded parts that we sell on our website.

Any parts orders that are placed after 5:00pm EST (Monday through Friday) are not guaranteed to ship same day. We always try to get as many “ after hours “ orders out as possible so if you were to place an order after 5:00pm there is still a chance your order will ship out same day. As a rule orders received after 5:00pm EST ship on the next business day.

Preconfigured systems typically take between 1 and 2 business days to ship. Each system is individually assembled, tested and labeled using our QR code technology. This ensures your ability to verify the health state of the machine upon receipt. All Pre-Configured systems ship on a pallet, via FedEx freight services. If you require any more details regarding Pre-Configured systems please feel free to reach out to us directly.

If your part fails while under warranty please reach out to us using the “contact us“ option at the top of each web page. Please make sure that you enter the serial number for the part, to allow us to confirm warranty entitlement. Once we have confirmed entitlement we will ship your replacement part via FedEx Air Economy 3 day service free of charge. A prepaid FedEx ground return waybill will be included in the box for you to return the defective part to us at our expense.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Top Ten USA powers the platform and it was built in part through our expertise with the Equallogic product line. When looking for a logical entry point in the Ecommerce space we decided to go with a line that we had great expertise in. This allowed us to focus our energies on creating the most comprehensive shopping experience on the web. We are already developing additional lines to expand the site but we chose Equallogic to be the cornerstone. At the bottom of each page we offer the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. This newsletter will include announcements and releases as we expand the product offerings on the platform. Please be patient as the process to add new product lines while meeting our customer service and technical requirements takes quite a bit of time to put together.

Every image and every piece of content including our “how to“ videos is created in house by our staff. The process for a “ how to “ video starts in the conference room with all of the technicians that work on a specific technology talking about best practices, quirks of certain machines and how things can be worded so that we get our point across without getting too technical. Once we hash that out a script is created. Our Senior Product Engineer then reads the script, makes changes if necessary and approves the script. We then break the script into screen shots, shoot each individual shot, edit it into one continuous video and share it with our customers. We put a lot of forethought and effort into the content we create. If you are happy with what we have created please tell us! Maybe share it with someone that you know, give us a “thumbs up” on YouTube, or shout us out on social media. If you see us in person “high fives“ are always good too! We hope the effort we put in shows our passion for helping our customers.

We pride ourselves by the quality of our products and services. Part of our testing procedures include physically testing the part in a simulated production environment. The results of these tests will show you the part fully functioning with healthy status within this environment. By scanning the QR code that is on each part (or the packaging that the part is in) you will see the test results for that part. For example, if you were to buy a Dell Equallogic hard drive from us, one of the test results will be of that hard drive in an Equallogic SAN with a good (green) health state. Doing the work we do behind the scenes is what keeps us at the top of the market and ensures you receive quality parts that work in your environment every time.

QR (Quick Response) technology has been around for quite a while. Essentially QR coding allows us to direct you to shared files in our system. We test our equipment and we save the test results into serialized folders specific to each part. The QR code allows you to scan the code and then directs you to that folder so you can open it and read the results. Smart devices now-a-days typically come with a QR code reader app. If your smart device doesn’t have one on it, there are many to pick from and they are free of charge. Simply download a QR code reader app, and scan the code for your results.

Yes we do on certain parts. Eligible parts show “discount for returning core” and have a drop down menu showing the price difference for returning the core to us. You can either choose to buy the part with or without the core return. If you choose the core return, you will be charged the discounted price and we will include a return waybill in the box so you can return your core to us at our expense. If you do not return the core within 14 days of receipt of your order you will be billed for the core value. If you choose to purchase without the core return, the price shown will be a one time cost with no expectation of a core return shipment.

Yes, we do offer blind shipping. During your checkout process you will have the choice to select blind shipping. We then will show your stored address and offer you the ability to enter a new address or use a previously stored address as the sender. For core exchange orders, the return address waybill will not show a company name, it will show “Returns” and our address to further maintain the blind shipping advantages.

No. All of the services and benefits of using The Rocket Platform are provided free of charge to our clients. We do offer services that carry subscription fees such as RocketPlus™ but this is a hybridized maintenance product that we discuss in greater detail on our site or you can click here to check it out.

Yes. Due to varying customs requirements our website is designed to allow for immediate shipping to the United States and Canada. We do ship globally, we ask you to contact us at so we can review any unique requirements based on your ship to location.

Currently our website is configured for automated parts and service orders to be entered in the service areas of The United States of America and Canada. The Rocket Platform is powered by Top Ten USA our global parts distribution and service partner. For parts and or service needs beyond the US and Canada please contact us at or call us toll free at 1-866-GRNDCTL and we will gladly see how we can service you.

If we fail to get a parts order shipped same day that came in to us before 5:00pm EST M-F (not including national holidays) we will refund your shipping charges and ship your part(s) via FedEx 2 Day Air (if under 100lbs - which is most parts) or FedEx LTL Ground Freight (if over 100lbs) on our tab.

RocketPlus™ is a hybrid approach to IT hardware maintenance powered by Top Ten USA. RocketPlus™ is a subscription based model, you have the ability to register each piece of your hardware for a small annual fee. With your subscription you receive the following benefits:

• 10% discounted subscription pricing on any parts you need to purchase for any subscribed hardware
• 15 minutes free technical phone support per machine per incident
• Discounted technical field support as needed
• All component parts for your registered equipment will be in stock and ready to ship same day
• Through your Customer Portal you can see all of your purchases broken down by unit giving you a “real-time” true cost of ownership

Top Ten USA has been a leading hardware maintenance provider and a premier parts distributor for over 10 years. During that time we have serviced many customers, both contractual and pay as you go aka “time & materials“. This experience led us to create this unique hybrid approach offering certain assurances and protections without the higher cost of traditional maintenance contracts. The RocketPlus™ subscription is priced so reasonably that self-maintenance customers would re-consider the “no support” approach and go with the RocketPlus™ option and all the benefits it affords them.

Enrolling your machine in The RocketPlus™ Subscription service is quite simple please follow the steps below:
• Create your account on if you haven’t already done so
• Select the “machine” link at the top of your page
• Select “add new machine”
• Fill in all data fields
• Select “add and confirm details”
• If more than one machine select “add another machine” If only one machine you can now complete checkout
That’s it! Your system(s) are now protected.

The benefits of being a RocketPlus™ subscription members are:
1). RocketPlus™ machine owners may open up a service ticket against a machine that is within the subscription period. All new tickets are entitled to 15 minutes of free phone support. If additional phone support is required it may be purchased through the website.
2). All machines that have an active subscription are entitled to a 10% discount on parts for that registered machine.
3). We have built a cost of ownership tool that gives visibility to all subscription charges, shipping costs, parts costs and tech costs which can be seen real-time so that customers can see how much money they have spent on any one or all of their machines.
4). Customers that have a RocketPlus™ subscription on a machine have the ability to schedule onsite service as needed for their machine at a discounted rate. Any onsite work that we quote is based on the location of the machine and includes travel time. If a customer needs a technician to install what is being purchased from the website simply choose the “tell me more about tech install“ option while going through the checkout process. Fill in the required fields and complete the checkout process. We will reach out to you shortly and obtain the specifics needed to get you an accurate quotation for field service.

Maintenance is all about risk. Like many other decisions you make operating your business. The trick is to figure out your optimal risk exposure vs the amount of money it costs to mitigate that risk. In IT hardware maintenance your choices have been either purchasing a maintenance contract (high cost – zero risk) or self-maintaining (unknown cost based on incidents – full risk). This drastic variance has left a gap in the market that no one has been able to adequately fill. This is what led us to create RocketPlus™.
What RocketPlus™ does it is allows you to select a middle ground for the first time. When you subscribe your hardware to the service you pay a nominal fee and you share your risk with us (low cost – shared risk). We step in and make you certain key promises with your subscription
• We will include 15 minutes of free technical phone support for each incident on each machine you have registered with us – we will help make sure you get the right parts to fix your problem and we will do that for free!
• All the parts for your machine are guaranteed in stock and ready to ship the same day you order them as long as your order is in to us by 5pm EST
• You will receive a “Subscription Only” discounted price on every part you purchase for your registered machines
• You will receive a “how-to” video for every part you purchase as well, these show you how to perform your required repair and can be saved for future reference (it’s like a person technical tutor right there with you for free !)
• If you prefer us to handle your repair, we are happy to do so. We will also offer our services at your location for you at a special “Subscription Only” rate.
You are sharing the risk with us because if your machine does not break and has no incidents, you only spent your nominal subscription fee instead of the cost of a traditional maintenance contract. This saves you money while still affording you peace of mind in the event of an issue. (Low cost – shared risk).
A traditional maintenance contract (Zero risk – high cost) has its place where it is the absolute best choice. Typically this is best for high usage production equipment, where down time would be serious detriment to your company’s productivity. In these cases, you need the protection of knowing that if/when there is an issue you can make one call and that will get that concern resolved. No limit on parts, costs do not matter, unlimited labor is free to you, whatever happens, we have to fix it. This is why you have Zero risk but you pay the cost of a maintenance contract whether the equipment fails or not. So these should be chosen wisely.
So if you think a maintenance contract might be best for you, or just want to see the actual cost difference between the two for your exact hardware, just reach out to us for a no cost maintenance quote by clicking on the maintenance inquiry link at the top of every page of our site. You will get a quote from Top Ten USA, the engine that drives the Rocket platform.

There are two ways to enter multiple machines, one way is to enter each one individually by following the steps outlined below:
• Create your account on if you haven’t already done so
• Select the “machine” link at the top of your page
• Select “add new machine”
• Fill in all data fields
• Select “add and confirm details”
• To add your next machine select “add another machine”
• When all machines are entered complete checkout
If you have a lengthy list of equipment needing coverage we are happy to help. Please reach out to us either through email at or call us toll free at 1-866-GRNDCTL and we will work with you on handling your equipment registration.

No, there is no limit to how many machines you can register.

Yes, through your customer portal you can access a personalized cost of service report. Select the “cost of service” link available at the top of any page on the site. The machine(s) individual costs are broken into 4 categories:
1). Parts costs
2). Technician costs (this could be in the form of phone support or field support services)
3).Shipping costs - We allow our customers to use their own shipping account numbers, if you use your own UPS or FedEx account number at checkout we will not be able to factor in shipping charges. Shipping charge calculations can only be made by us if we bill you for the shipping charges.
4). Subscription fees

We would be happy to help you, please reach out to us directly using the “maintenance inquiry“ link located at the top of each page. We will promptly contact you regarding your quotation for traditional maintenance services through Top Ten USA, the engine that runs Please keep in mind that our contractual maintenance customers receive the same high quality, tested, QR coded parts that we sell on our website.
Weighing your options is smart. RocketPlus™ will not work for everyone. Some customers might have a couple of machines that are good RocketPlus™ candidates, while others may have hundreds and some may not have any. In the event that you would like to be quoted on a traditional maintenance contract our hardware maintenance division (Top Ten USA) would be a great fit.

Yes, currently our website is configured for automated parts and service orders to be entered in the service areas of The United States of America and Canada. For parts and or service needs beyond the US and Canada please contact us at or call us toll free at 1-866-GRNDCTL and we will gladly see how we can service you.

If you move your machine to a new location you have the ability to change the machine address and its technical point of contact whenever you would like. Physical location does not affect the benefits of RocketPlus™ membership

Quite possibly yes, Top Ten USA (the engine that drives The Rocket Platform) maintains thousands of machines across the world ranging from MacBook Pros thru IBM Z series mainframes (yes, mainframes). The website offerings will be expanding regularly over time. If you don’t see your equipment on the website but you need service or a maintenance contract price reach out to us using or call us toll free at 1-844-TOP-TEN1.

Entering a service ticket is quite simple. There are two ways you can create your ticket.

1) Login to your account

a) Select “tickets” link at the top of any page
b) Select “create new ticket”
c) Fill in all data fields and click “submit ticket”
d) We will follow up with you to complete your service request

2) Login to your account

a) Select “machines” link at the top of any page
b) Select “view” of the machine in question
c) Select “create new ticket”
d) Fill in all data fields and click “submit ticket”
e) We will follow up with you to complete your service request

Either way your ticket is now created, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you service.

One of the primary benefits of your RocketPlus™ subscription is a 10% discount on parts for each registered machine. In order to receive this discount you need to let the system know you are shopping for covered equipment. To do this please follow the steps below:

1) Login to your account
2) Select the “machines” link at the top of any page
3) Here you have two options:

a) Click “shop” next to the machine you wish to purchase parts for
b) Click “view” next to the machine to view its detailed information. From this detailed view you can select “shop parts for machine”

4) You will now have a listing showing only parts available for that machine
5) When you select your part you will see your “ RocketPlus™ subscription price” this reflects your 10% discount
6) Add desired parts to cart and complete checkout process

When you open a service ticket you will receive an automated response email containing both our acknowledgement of and the unique ticket number assigned to your request. Your ticket then goes into our service queue and is responded to in the order in which it was received. RocketPlus™ service hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday thru Friday excluding U.S. national holidays. Every effort will be made to contact you at your requested time provided in your service ticket. We understand tickets will be entered after regular business hours. Our system will automatically add them to the service queue in the order they are received and we begin service calls 9:00am EST the following business morning. We give full attention to each individual client so it would be unfair to pinpoint a guaranteed response time as some situations require more time for solutions then others. We appreciate your patience as we know you will appreciate that same attention to detail paid to you and your service issue when we are able to contact you.

When you put in a service ticket against your machine one of our technicians will reach out to you for your free 15 minute triage (diagnose problem). We will put our findings into the ticket notes. We will add whatever parts and/or phone support time needed to complete your ticket. When we complete this update you will receive an email informing you the triage process has been completed and all required parts and/or labor have been included in your ticket for your review. Upon your approval please complete the checkout process and we will schedule shipment of your parts and any phone support that you need. Simply log into the ticket, the parts will already have been added to it, click the checkout option and then go through the checkout process.

One of the benefits of RocketPlus™ membership is 15 minutes of free technical phone support for each incident on each of your covered machines. Simply open a ticket and we will respond to you and begin the triage process. We will determine any parts needed and add them to your ticket for your review and approval. It’s just that easy.

If you are having an issue finding want you are looking for please feel free to reach out to us using or call us toll free 1-866-GRNDCTL does not offer traditional maintenance agreements. Top Ten USA, the engine behind does. The FAQs in this section revolve around Top Ten USA and its traditional maintenance offerings. If you would like a free no obligation quote for a maintenance agreement simply complete the fields on our maintenance inquiry form, or please reach out to us over email at
or call us at 1-844-TOP-TEN1 (1-844-867-8361).

A traditional maintenance agreement, also known as a maintenance agreement, is a document used to spell out the services being promised by the vendor (i.e. Top Ten USA) to the customer (i.e. You). It lists your covered hardware, explains how your hardware will be supported, the benefits and any exclusions related to that support, the level of support (see SLA FAQ for details), and the cost of your support. In essence, it’s a written list of all the things your vendor will do for you and how quickly they promise to do them.

An SLA or Service Level Agreement is the part of a maintenance agreement detailing the levels of coverage you have chosen for your hardware. The SLA shows the response time or speed of your services, how your replacement parts are stored and shipped, and the applicable time frames for technical phone and onsite support. We have explained your choices more in the “What SLAs do you offer” FAQ.

We offer the most flexible SLAs in the industry. To start, we offer 24x7x4 – which means unlimited technical phone and onsite support is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year including all Holidays. This level of service also includes a guaranteed response time of 4 hours. This is the most costly option and it affords you the most complete coverage. Next is our 24x7xNBD which is the same tech support levels as our 4 hour plan but parts are delivered to your site for Next Business Day receipt. We also offer 9x5xNBD which guarantees you both phone and onsite technical support available from 9-6 EST Mon-Fri (excluding U.S. National Holidays) and any required replacement parts are shipped to be received on the Next Business Day. Now, we can also offer RocketPlus™ through our web division The Rocket Platform. This new hybrid support model allows you to share the risk of equipment failure with us and you can save quite a bit of money while doing so. This exciting new product is explained “HERE”, check it out, it may be perfect for some of your hardware. In the long run, often times you will utilize each of the selections we offer in your IT inventory. The best part of working with Top Ten USA and The Rocket Platform is that we will help you make the best decision for your hardware and we offer all of our expertise in the discovery/decision process to you at no cost.

Yes. Our flexible SLAs allow you to customize the level of service on each piece of your equipment to suit your needs. We will then put all of your equipment into a master sheet which will have one start date and one end date so you won’t have to keep track of numerous dates and vendors. We can do it all in a one stop shop environment. Items can be added and removed from your agreement as needed and you only pay for the coverage time you have used. This allows you to decommission and add units without complicating your accounts payable or your hardware admins.

We are always updating our new equipment additions on our website If you have a piece of equipment you don’t see listed, simply contact us and we will be happy to furnish you with a quote for support. If you have a piece of uncovered equipment fail, our policy is to take care of you first, get the repair done and discuss the coverage of that equipment at the same time. Your equipment being up and running is our top priority, we will work with you on the details while the hardware is being repaired.

There is some equipment that we do not cover. We are happy to schedule an equipment review with you at no charge to inventory your hardware, verify OEM warranty status, and confirm coverage availability. This inventory report is done in an excel format and is yours to keep whether or not we do business together.

Software is the intellectual property of the manufacturer. For any upgrades, updates or patches you may need we would refer you to the manufacturer or one of their certified resellers.

OEM pricing can be inflated for various reasons. One primary reason is to entice you to purchase new equipment. It is in the best interest of a manufacturer to generate more sales contracts than service contracts as they are constantly manufacturing new equipment. One way to increase sales is to show the client a significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings in buying new equipment with relatively inexpensive warranty costs rolled into your lease or finance payments as opposed to keeping your equipment and paying a significantly higher sum to keep it under warranty. As a service provider, our goal is to keep your existing hardware up and running and doing so at the very best pricing available. This allows you to extend the useful life of your hardware and make the most of your financial investment.

Third party maintenance is the continued service and warranty of your hardware after the initial OEM warranty has expired. Typically, a TPM vendor will match or exceed the service level of the OEM in regards to the support and service of your hardware. The purpose of TPM is to extend the usable life of your hardware and maximize ROI on that equipment. Since we do not manufacture hardware, we do not have a financial interest in having you unnecessarily upgrade or trade in your equipment. We partner with you to allow your initial investment to give you the greatest possible return while having hardware that effectively meets all of your needs.

There are 3 main reasons companies use Top Ten USA:
• To support End of Life and End of Service (EOL/EOS) aka Legacy hardware that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) no longer supports
• To save money as our rates are generally 60 – 80% below OEM pricing
• We are a multi-vendor service provider. We can cover most if not all of your hardware regardless of OEM under one agreement. This simplifies your warranty administration and allows you to maximize your ROI.

Based on the service level you select, we cover the following:
• Unlimited parts as needed to affect repairs
• Unlimited technical phone and onsite support
• All shipping costs for your required replacement parts
• Unlimited number of service calls or incidents

We don’t cover software updates, upgrades or patches. These are the legal property of the OEM and federal law prohibits us from sharing this with anyone in any way. We also do not cover negligence or acts of God. These exclusions are spelled out in detail on all of our quotes. No small print or surprises with Top Ten USA.

We have been in business for over 25 years in Europe and over 12 years in North America.

Yes, with over 3,900 clients throughout North America we can supply industry and/or regional specific references. Please note, this must be done on an individual basis as our clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance.

Yes, our U.S. manned help desk is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.